Discipleship – The Miracle of Multiplication

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

Experience the joy of going on the world’s greatest journey: the intentional pursuit of Jesus Christ. We have one life. A life lived for Jesus Christ will have meaning and purpose not just for time, but also for eternity. Nothing less than this deliberate pursuit is adequate to satisfy the deep desires of the human soul or the desperate needs of our world.

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1. Multiplication Begins With God

2. Christ Calls Us to Himself to Be His Disciples

3. The Demands of Discipleship

4. The Multitudes Require Multiplication

5. Disciples Are Witnesses 

6. Disciples Receive Power

7. Multiplication Requires Discipleship 

8. Disciples Obey Christ’s Commands 

9. Disciples Give Themselves to Prayer

10. Disciples Abide Forever 

11. The Open Secret Is Obedience

Appendices – The Twofold Preparation of Disciples
This bonus material is outlined in a way that can also be used as lesson material
in a Bible study or Sunday School class.

Appedix A: Disciples Experience Unconscious Preparation 

Appendix B: Disciples Make Conscious Preparation 

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