The Pastor’s Book List

Dr. Clarence Sexton
“but especially the parchments.”
II Timothy 4:13 

There is no book like the Bible. There is no substitute for the Bible, but many helpful things have been found from other authors.

Books become a preacher’s tools. The following is a list of books and authors that can be of help to you. This list makes no claim to be complete.  The inclusion of a book on this list should not be understood to be an endorsement of the author or the publishers. Books marked by an asterisk (*) may currently be out of print. Please check availability as many of these books are being reprinted.

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Bible Study and Methods

•   Baxter, James Sidlow. Explore the Book.
•   Gray, James Martin. Synthetic Bible Studies.*
•   Gray, James Martin. How to Master the English Bible.*
•   Jensen, Irving Lester. Independent Bible Study.*
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. Living Messages of the Books of the Bible.*
•   Pierson, A. T. Keys to the Word.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Scriptures.
•   Scroggie, William Graham. Know Your Bible.*
•   Scroggie, William Graham. The Unfolding Drama of Redemption.

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

•   The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.
•   Dictionary of the Apostolic Church.*
•   Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels.*
•   The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.
•   Tenney, Merrill C., ed. Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary.
•   Deal, William S. Pictorial Introduction to the Bible.
•   Harrison, R. K. New Unger’s Bible Dictionary.
•   Lockyer, Herbert. Illustrated Bible Dictionary.
•   Nave, Orville J. Nave’s Topical Bible.
•   Packer, J.I., Tenney, M. C. Illustrated Manners and Customs of the Bible.
•   Vine, W.E. Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words.
•   Whiston, William. The Works of Josephus.


•   Edersheim, Alfred. Bible History: Old Testament.
•   Gray, James Martin. Concise Bible Commentary.
•   Henry, Matthew. Commentary on the Whole Bible.
•   Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown’s Commentary on the Whole Bible.
•   Maclaren, Alexander. Expositions of Holy Scripture.
•   McGee, J. Vernon. Thru the Bible Commentary Series.
•   Robertson, Archibald Thomas. Word Pictures in the New Testament.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. Commenting and Commentaries.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. Treasury of Old and New Testament.*
•   Spurgeon, Charles; Wesley, John; Henry, Matthew. Parallel Commentary on the New Testament.
•   Unger, Merrill F. Unger’s Commentary on the Old Testament.


•   Beitzel, Barry J. The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands.
•   Bimson, Kane, Paterson, Wiseman, Wood. New Bible Atlas.
•   Bruce, F. F. In the Steps of the Apostle Paul.
•   Bruce, F. F. In the Steps of our Lord.
•   DeVries, LaMoine F. Cities of the Biblical World.


•   Strong, James. Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.


•   McQuilkin, Robertson. Understanding and Applying the Bible.
•   Pierson, Arthur T. Knowing the Scriptures.
•   Ramm, Bernard. Protestant Biblical Interpretation.
•   Torrey, R. A. How to Study the Bible.

Old Testament–General

•   Jensen, Irving L. Jensen’s Survey of the Old Testament.
•   Kelley, Page H. Journey to the Promise Land: Genesis to Deuteronomy.
•   Mackintosh, Charles H. Genesis to Deuteronomy.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Unfolding Message of the Bible.*
•   Robertson, O. Palmer. The Christ of the Covenants.
•   Thomas, W. H. Griffith. The Pentateuch.
•   Wood, Leon. A Survey of Israel’s History.

Old Testament–Specific

•   Dehaan, M. R. Portraits of Christ in Genesis.
•   Dehaan, M. R. Adventures in Faith: Studies in the Life of Abraham.
•   Jensen, Irving L. Genesis.
•   Jukes, Andrew John. Types in Genesis.
•   Meyer, F. B. Abraham.
•   Meyer, F. B. Joseph.
•   Meyer, F. B. Israel.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Genesis.
•   Pink, Arthur W. Gleanings in Genesis.
•   Sexton, Clarence. The Life of Joseph.
•   Thomas, W. H. Griffith. Genesis: A Devotional Commentary.*
•   Wood, Leon J. A Shorter Commentary on Genesis.


•   Davis. John J. Moses and the Gods of Egypt.
•   Mackintosh, Charles H. Genesis to Deuteronomy.
•   Meyer, F. B. Devotional Commentary on Exodus.*
•   Meyer, F. B. The Life of Moses.
•   Pink, Arthur W. Gleanings in Exodus.
•   Stevens, Charles H. The Wilderness Journey.*

The Ten Commandments

•   Masters, Peter. God’s Rules for Holiness.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Ten Commandments.

The Tabernacle

•   Brown, William. The Tabernacle.
•   DeHaan, M. R. The Tabernacle.
•   Olford, Stephen. The Tabernacle: Camping With God.


•   Edersheim, Alfred. The Temple.
•   Ironside, H. A. Lectures on the Levitical Offerings.*
•   Jukes, Andrew John. The Law of the Offerings.
•   Kellogg, Samuel Henry. The Book of Leviticus.*
•   Kelly, William. Leviticus.


•   Jensen, Irving Lester. Numbers: Journey to God’s Rest Land.*


•   Mackintosh, Charles H. Genesis to Deuteronomy.


•   Gaebelein, Arno C. Types in Joshua.*
•   Meyer, F. B. Joshua.
•   Pink, Arthur W. Gleanings in Joshua.
•   Redpath, Alan. Victorious Christian Living: Studies in the Book of Joshua.*
•   Scroggie, William Graham. The Land and the Life of Rest.


•   Knapp, Christopher. The Kings of Israel and Judah.
•   Wood, Leon W. Distressing Days of the Judges.


•   DeHaan, M. R. The Romance of Redemption.
•   McGee, J. Vernon. Ruth: The Romance of Redemption.

I and II Samuel

•   Crocket, William D. A Harmony of the Books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.
•   Jensen, Irving L. 1 & 2 Samuel.
•   Meyer, F. B. David.
•   Meyer, F. B. Samuel.
•   Pink, Arthur. The Life of David.*
•   Powell, Ivor. David.

I and II Kings

•   Crocket, William D. A Harmony of the Books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.
•   Meyer, F. B. Elisha.
•   Whitcomb, John, John J. Davis. A History of Israel–from Conquest to Exile.

I and II Chronicles

•   Barber, Cyril J. I Chronicles.
•   Barber, Cyril J. II Chronicles.
•   Crocket, William D. A Harmony of the Books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.

Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther

•   Kelly, William. Notes on Ezra and Nehemiah.
•   Ironside, H. A. Notes on the Books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther.
•   Redpath, Alan. Victorious Christian Service.*
•   Whitcomb, John. Esther.


•   Blair, J. Allen. Living Patiently.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Book of Job. Analyzed Bible.*
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Answers of Jesus to Job’s Questions.*


•   Bridges, Charles. An Exposition of Psalm 119.
•   Ironside, H. A. Studies in the Psalms.
•   King, Guy Hope. All Through the Day.*
•   Meyer, F. B. The Psalms.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Psalms, 2 vols.
•   Sexton, Clarence. The Lord Is My Shepherd.
•   Scroggie, William Graham. A Guide to the Psalms.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. Treasury of David.


•   Arnot, William. Studies in Proverbs: Laws from Heaven for Life on Earth.
•   Bridges, Charles. An Exposition of Proverbs.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Proverbs, 2 vols.
•   Sexton, Clarence. What Every Mother Must Teach Her Children.


•   Bridges, Charles. An Exposition of the Book of Ecclesiastes.
•   Sexton, Clarence. The Conclusion of the Whole Matter, 2 vols.

Song of Solomon

•   Burrowes, George. The Song of Solomon.
•   Ironside, H. A. Song of Solomon.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Love of Solomon.
•   Spurgeon, C. H. Sermons on the Song of Solomon.*
•   Taylor, J. Hudson. Intimacy with Jesus: Understanding the Song of Solomon.

The Prophets

•   Wood, Leon J. The Prophets of Israel.


•   Baron, David. The Servant of Jehovah: The Sufferings of the Messiah and the Glory that Should Follow.
•   Criswell, W. A. Isaiah, An Exposition.*
•   Kelly, William. An Exposition of the Book of Isaiah.
•   Kelley, Page H. Interpreting Isaiah.
•   Meyer, F.B. Christ in Isaiah.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Prophecy of Isaiah.*
•   Redpath, Alan. Faith for the Times: Studies in Prophecy of Isaiah.*

Jeremiah and Lamentations

•   Jensen, Irving Lester. Jeremiah: The Prophet of Judgment.*
•   Meyer, F. B. Jeremiah.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. Studies in the Prophecy of Jeremiah.


•   Gaebelein, Arno C. The Prophet Ezekiel.*
•   Kelly, William. Notes on Ezekiel.


•   Criswell, W. A. Expository Sermons on the Book of Daniel.*
•   Dehaan, M. R. Daniel the Prophet.
•   Feinberg, Charles Lee. Daniel, Kingdom of the Lord.
•   Kelly, William. Lectures on the Book of Daniel.
•   Lang, George Henry. The Histories and Prophecies of Daniel.*
•   Leupold, Herbert Carl. Exposition of Daniel.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Book of Daniel.
•   Strauss, Lehman. The Prophecies of Daniel.*
•   Walvoord, John F. Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation.
•   Whitcomb, John. Daniel.
•   Wood, Leon J. A Commentary on Daniel.

Minor Prophets

•   Boice, James M. The Minor Prophets.
•   Feinberg, Charles Lee. The Minor Prophets.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. Voices of Twelve Minor Prophets.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Minor Prophets.
•   Ironside, H. A. The Minor Prophets.


•   Morgan, G. Campbell. Hosea: The Heart and Holiness of God.


•   Feinberg, Charles Lee. The Minor Prophets.


•   Kelley, Page H. The Book of Amos.*


•   Gaebelein, Frank E. The Servant and the Dove.*


•   Banks, William L. Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet.*
•   Morris, Henry. The Remarkable Journey of Jonah.


•   Feinberg, Charles Lee. The Minor Prophets.


•   Maier, Walter A. The Book of Nahum.*


•   Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn. Faith Tried and Triumphed.
•   Sexton, Clarence. Lord, Send a Revival.


•   Feinberg, Charles Lee. The Minor Prophets.


•   Wolff, Richard. The Book of Haggai.*


•   Baron, David. The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah.
•   Meyer, F. B. The Prophet of Hope: Studies in Zechariah.
•   Unger, Merrill F. Zechariah: Prophet of Messiah’s Glory.


•   Morgan, G. Campbell. Malachi’s Message for Today.

Greek Language Tools

•   Robertson, Archibald Thomas. Grammar of the Greek New Testament.
•   Robertson, Archibald Thomas. Word Pictures in the New Testament.
•   Vine, William Edwyn. Expository Dictionary of the New Testament Words.
•   Wuest, Kenneth S. Wuest’s Word Studies from the Greek New Testament.

Introduction to the New Testament

•   Bruce, F. F. The Message of the New Testament.
•   Jensen, Irving L. Jensen’s Survey of the New Testament.
•   Jukes, Andrew. The Characteristic Differences of the Four Gospels.
•   Pierson, A. T. The Heart of the Gospel.
•   Scroggie, William Graham. A Guide to the Gospels.
•   Sexton, Clarence. Following Christ and Fishing for Men.
•   Tenney, Merrill C. New Testament Times.
•   Tenney, Merrill C. New Testament Survey.
•   Zuck, Roy. A Biblical Theology of the New Testament.

The Life of Christ

•   Edersheim, Alfred. The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah.
•   Jensen, Irving L. Life of Christ.
•   Stalker, James. The Life of Jesus Christ.


•   Laidlow, John. The Miracles of Our Lord.*
•   Sexton, Clarence. The Miracles of Jesus, 2 vols.
•   Spurgeon, C.H. The Miracles and Parables of Our Lord, 3 vols.
•   Trench, Richard Chenevix. Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord.


•   Arnot, William. The Parables of Our Lord.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Parable of the Father’s Heart.*
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Parables of the Kingdom.
•   Sexton, Clarence. The Parables of Jesus, 2 vols.
•   Spurgeon, C.H.. The Miracles and Parables of Our Lord, 3 vols.
•   Trench, Richard Chenevix. Notes on the Parables of Our Lord.

New Testament–Specific

•   Broadus, John A. An American Commentary on the New Testament.
•   Criswell, W. A. Expository Notes on the Gospel of Matthew.*
•   Gaebelein, Arno C. The Gospel of Matthew.*
•   Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn. Studies on the Sermon on the Mount.
•   Meyer, F. B. Blessed Are Ye: Talks on the Beatitudes.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Gospel According to Matthew.*
•   Thomas, W. H. Griffith. Outline Studies in the Gospel of Matthew.*


•   Maxwell, Victor. The Authentic Servant in Mark’s Gospel.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Gospel According to Mark.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Gospel of Mark.


•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Gospel According to Luke.*
•   Thomas, W. H. Griffith. Outline Studies in the Gospel of Luke.
•   Powell, Ivor. Luke’s Thrilling Gospel.


•   Bruce, F. F. The Gospel of John.
•   Jensen, Irving L. John.
•   Meyer, F. B. John the Baptist.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Gospel According to John.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring John.
•   Pink, Arthur W. Exposition of the Gospel of John.
•   Tenney, Merrill C. The Gospel of Belief: John.


•   Bruce, F. F. The Book of Acts.
•   Bruce, F. F. Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free.
•   Criswell, W. A. Acts, an Exposition.*
•   Dehaan, M. R. Pentecost and After: Studies in the Book of Acts.
•   Meyer, F. B. Paul.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Acts of the Apostles.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Acts.
•   Powell, Ivor. The Amazing Acts.
•   Scroggie, William Graham. The Acts of the Apostles.*
•   Stalker, James. The Life of St. Paul.


•   Bruce, F. F. Romans.
•   Jensen, Irving L. Romans.
•   Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn. The Plight of Man and the Power of God.*
•   Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn. Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure.
•   Meyer, F. B. The Dedicated Life: Studies in Romans.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans.
•   Newell, William R. Romans: Verse by Verse.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Romans.
•   Thomas, W. H. Thomas. St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.*

I Corinthians

•   Bruce, F. F. I and II Corinthians.*
•   Dehaan, M. R. Studies in First Corinthians.
•   Kelly, William. Notes on the First Epistle to the Corinthians.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Corinthian Letters of Paul.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring I Corinthians.
•   Redpath, Alan. The Royal Route to Heaven: Studies in I Corinthians.
•   Scroggie, William Graham. The Love Life: A Study of I Corinthians 13.

II Corinthians

•   Kelly, William. Notes on the Second Epistle to the Corinthians.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring II Corinthians.
•   Redpath, Alan. Blessings Out of Buffetings.*


•   Bruce, F. F. Galatians.
•   Dehaan, M. R. Studies in Galatians.
•   Strauss, Lehman. Galatians and Ephesians.*
•   Tenney, Merrill C. Galatians.


•   Bruce, F. F. The Epistle to the Colossians, to Philemon, to the Ephesians.
•   Meyer, F. B. Power for Living: Studies in Ephesians.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Ephesians & Philippians.
•   Strauss, Lehman. Galatians and Ephesians.*


•   Blair, J. Allen. Living Victorious: Philippians.*
•   King, Guy Hope. Joy Way.
•   Meyer, F. B. The Epistle to the Philippians.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Ephesians & Philippians.
•   Walvoord, John F. Philippians: Triumph in Christ.
•   Walvoord, John F. To Live Is Christ.*


•   Bruce, F. F. The Epistle to the Colossians, to Philemon, to the Ephesians.
•   King, Guy Hope. Crossing the Border, An Expositional Study of Colossians.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Colossians & Philemon.

The Pastoral Epistles

•   Bruce, F. F. The Epistle to the Colossians, to Philemon,to the Ephesians.
•   Gaebelein, Frank E. Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I & II Thessalonians, I & II Timothy, Titus, Philemon.*
•   Gaebelein, Frank E. Philemon: The Gospel of Emancipation.*
•   King, Guy Hope. A Leader Led: I Timothy.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Pastoral Epistles.
•   Scroggie, William Graham. A Note to a Friend: Paul to Philemon.*

I and II Thessalonians

•   Walvoord, John F. The Thessalonian Epistles.*


•   Bruce, F. F. Hebrews.
•   Dehaan, M. R. Studies in Hebrews.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. God’s Last Word to Man.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Triumphs of Faith.*
•   Newell, William R. Hebrews.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Hebrews.
•   Saphir, Adolph. The Epistle to the Hebrews, 2 vols.*


•   King, Guy Hope. A Belief That Behaves.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Epistle of James.
•   Strauss, Lehman. James.*

I and II Peter

•   Blair, J. Allen. Living Peacefully: I Peter.*
•   Kelly, William. The Epistles of Peter.
•   Meyer, F. B. Peter.
•   Meyer, F. B. Tried by Fire: Exposition of I Peter.
•   Thomas, W. H. Griffith. The Apostle Peter: Outline Studies in His Life, Character and Writings.*

I, II, and III John

•   Bruce, F. F. The Gospel and Epistles of John.
•   King, Guy Hope. The Fellowship.*
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Epistles of John.
•   Strauss, Lehman. The Epistles of John.*


•   Coder, S. Maxwell. Jude: The Acts of the Apostates.
•   Kelly, William. Lectures on the Epistle of Jude.
•   Sexton, Clarence. Earnestly Contend for the Faith.


•   Feinberg, Charles Lee. Revelation.
•   Ironside, H. A. Revelation.
•   Jensen, Irving L. Revelation.
•   Kroll, Woodrow. Jesus Shall Reign.
•   Newell, William R. Revelation.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring Revelation.
•   Ryrie, Charles. Revelation.
•   Scroggie, William Graham. The Great Unveiling.*
•   Walvoord, John F. The Revelation of Jesus Christ.


•   Dehaan, M. R. Signs of the Times.
•   Dehaan, M. R. The Second Coming of Jesus.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. Sunrise: Behold He Cometh.*
•   Pentecost, J. Dwight. Prophecy for Today.
•   Pentecost, J. Dwight. Things to Come.
•   Phillips, John. Exploring the Future.
•   Stanton, Gerald B. Kept From the Hour.
•   Torrey, R. A. The Lord’s Return.

Theology and Apologetics

•   Erickson’s Christian Theology.
•   Geisler, Norman. Christian Apologetics.
•   Hodge, Charles. Systematic Theology.
•   Ryrie, Charles. Basic Theology.
•   Thiessen, Henry Charles. Lectures in Systematic Theology.
•   Keathley, Kenneth. Salvation and Sovereignty. 

Bible Doctrines

•   Bancroft, Emery H. Elemental Theology.
•   Cambron, Mark. Bible Doctrines: Beliefs that Matter.*
•   Evans, Williams. The Great Doctrines of the Bible.
•   Evans, Williams. What Every Christian Should Believe.
•   Ryrie, Charles. A Survey of Bible Doctrine.
•   Sexton, Clarence. Truths Every Christian Needs to Know.
•   Torrey, R.A. What the Bible Teaches.

God, the Father

•   Jukes, Andrew John. The Names of God.
•   Strauss, Lehman. The First Person.*

God, the Holy Spirit

•   Criswell, W. A. The Holy Spirit in Today’s World.
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Spirit of God.
•   Moule, Handley Carr Glyn. Veni Creator.
•   Owen, John. The Holy Spirit, His Gifts and Power.
•   Pierson, A. T. The Acts of the Holy Spirit.*
•   Ryrie, Charles. The Holy Spirit.
•   Strauss, Lehman. The Third Person.*
•   Thomas, W. H. Griffith. The Holy Spirit.*
•   Torrey, R. A. The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.
•   Winlow, Octavius. The Work of the Holy Spirit.
•   Wood, Leon J. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.


•   DeHaan, M. R. The Chemistry of the Blood.
•   Lightner, Robert. The Death Christ Died.
•   Marsh, Frederick Edward. Why Did Christ Die?*

Christology–Life of Christ

•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Crisis of the Christ.*
•   Morgan, G. Campbell. The Teaching of Christ.*
•   Owen, John. The Glory of Christ.
•   Whyte, Alexander. The Walk, Conversation and Character of Jesus Christ Our Lord.*
•   Walvoord, John F. Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Christology–Christ in the Old Testament

•   Baron, David. Rays of Messiah’s Glory.
•   Barrett, Michael. Beginning at Moses.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. Christ in the Old Testament.


•   Beller, James R. America in Crimson Red: The Baptist History of America.
•   Bush, L. Russ, Nettles, Tom. Baptists and the Bible.
•   Cathcart, William. The Baptist Encyclopedia.
•   Christian, John T. A History of the Baptist.
•   Estep, William. The Anabaptist Story.
•   Hiscox, Edward T. Principles and Practices for Baptist Churches.
•   Nettles, Tom, Moore, Russell. Why I Am a Baptist.
•   Weaver, J. Denny. Becoming Anabaptist.

Church Administration and Polity

•   Criswell, W. A. Criswell’s Guidebook for Pastors.
•   Hiscox, Edward T. Principles and Practices for Baptist Churches.
•   Jackson, Paul R. The Doctrine and Administration of the Church.


•   Annett, E. A. William Carey: Pioneer Missionary.
•   Boreham, F. W. Life Verses: The Bible’s Impact on Famous Lives., 5 vols.
•   Bunyan, John. John Bunyan: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners.
•   Crosby, Fanny. This Is My Story, This Is My Song.
•   Day, Richard E. Bush Aglow.
•   Day, Richard E. The Shadow of the Broad Brim.
•   Douglas, W. M. Andrew Murray: One of God’s Choice Saints.
•   Drummond, Lewis. Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers.
•   Elliss, William T. Billy Sunday: His Life and Message.
•   Entzminger, Louis. The J. Frank Norris I Have Known for 34 Years.
•   Frost, Henry W. By Faith.
•   Fullerton, W. Y. F. B. Meyer.
•   George Whitfield: Supreme Among Preachers.
•   Gipsy Smith. Gipsy Smith: An Autobiography.
•   Gledstone, J.P. George Whitfield: Supreme Among Preachers.
•   Hood, Paxton. Isaac Watts: His Life and Hymns.
•   How Sweet the Sound: The Absorbing Story of John Newton and William Cowper.
•   Leahy, Frederick. Great Conversions.
•   Martin, Roger. R. A. Torrey: Apostle of Certainty.
•   Mann, Chester. D. L. Moody: Soulwinner.
•   McCasland, David. Abandoned to God: Oswald Chambers.
•   Meyer, F. B. Peter: Fisherman, Disciple, Apostle.
•   Miller, Basil. Praying Hyde.
•   Murdoch, J. Murray. Portrait of Obedience.
•   Murray, Harold. Campbell Morgan: Bible Teacher.
•   Murray, Ian. The Forgotten Spurgeon.
•   Parker, Monroe. Through Sunshine and Shadows.
•   Pierson, A. T. George Muller: All Things Are Possible.
•   Ross, Bob L. A Pictorial Biography of C. H. Spurgeon.
•   Schaap, Cindy Hyles. The Fundamental Man.
•   Skinner, Graig. Spurgeon and Son.
•   Smith, J. C. Robert Murray M’Cheyne: A Good Minister of Jesus Christ.
•   Smith, Oswald J. The Life of David Brainerd.
•   Telford, John. John Wesley: Into All the World.
•   The Autobiography of George Muller.
•   Walden, Viola. John R. Rice: The Captain of our Team.


•   Beals, Paul A. A People for His Name.
•   Hodges, Melvin L. The Indigenous Church.
•   Kane, J. Herbert. A Concise History of the Christian World Mission.
•   McCubbins, Michael. Sedition in Missions.
•   Peters, George W. A Biblical Theology of Missions.


•   Bounds, E. M. E. M. Bounds on Prayer.
•   Bunyan, John. Prayer.
•   Torrey, R. A. How to Pray.
•   Masters, Peter. The Lord’s Pattern for Prayer.
•   Moody. D. L. Prevailing Prayer.
•   Murray, Andrew. Andrew Murray on Prayer.
•   Murray, Andrew. The Ministry of Intercession.
•   Murray, Andrew. With Christ in the School of Prayer.
•   Pierson, A.T. Lessons in the School of Prayer.*
•   Rice, John. Prayer: Asking and Receiving.
•   Scroggie, William Graham. Method in Prayer.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. The Pastor in Prayer.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. Praying Successfully.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. Sermons on the Prayers of Christ.
•   Torrey, R. A. The Power of Prayer.

The Christian Life

•   Bunyan, John. The Pilgrim’s Progress.
•   Foxe, John. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.
•   Hutson, Curtis. Bread for Believers.
•   Maxwell, L.E. Crowded to Christ.*
•   Maxwell, L.E. Embraced by the Cross.
•   Murray, Andrew. The Holiest of All.
•   Murray, Andrew. Waiting on God.
•   Taylor, Howard. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret.
•   Tozer, A. W. The Pursuit of God.
•   Ryrie, Charles. So Great Salvation.
•   Sexton, Clarence. Issues of Life Answered From the Bible.
•   Sexton, Clarence. The Christian Home.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. Morning and Evening.
•   Spurgeon, Charles. All of Grace.