When Did You Die?


While visiting the B. McCall Barbour bookstore in Edinburgh, Scotland the owner asked me if I knew Lee Roberson. Of course, I was happy to talk to Mr. Danson Smith about Dr. Roberson and to tell him of my personal acquaintance and friendship with him. After a while the dear man said to me, “The book that changed Dr. Roberson’s life came from this bookstore.” I knew the story that was being told because I had heard it years before from Dr. Roberson. When I asked the owner for additional copies of that book I learned it had been out of print for more than 30 years and that I was the first to ask for a copy in many years. My friend, you have in your hand that book and a companion of that book from a series by B. McCall Barbour on, “Death to Self.” May this be as life-changing for you as it was for Dr. Lee Roberson and for me.

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