A Mother’s Prayer

“And when he had considered the thing, he came to the house of Mary the mother of John, whose surname was Mark; where many were gathered together praying.” Acts 12:12

Mothers are called on to do many things in their relationship to their children, but they do nothing greater than pray for their children. Do you have a praying mother? There is nothing on earth God could have given you to be more of a blessed benefit to your life than a praying mother.

Many mothers are well educated. As a matter of fact, today we have more females in college earning college degrees than males. Being an educated mother, as fine a thing as that is, is not to be compared with being a praying mother.

Many mothers are good cooks. It is a wonderful thing for your mother to be able to cook. I remember an evangelist friend of mine who said his mother could not cook anything right. He said that her meals were awful to try and eat. He never realized why God gave him a mother who could not cook until he went into evangelism. When he started traveling in different homes and eating other peoples’ meals, if they were terrible meals he would say, “You remind me so much of my mother and her cooking.” 

Every young wife has suffered at the comparison of mother’s cooking. My wife to this day will not attempt to make meatloaf for me to eat because she says there is no way that she can get it close to my mother’s meatloaf. If you have a mother that is a great cook, that is wonderful. I am glad. You are probably showing the results of her great cooking. But being a great cook is not to be compared with being a praying mother.

Do you have a praying mother? If you are a mother, are you a praying mother? May God help us to be a people of prayer.

In this amazing story, the Bible says in Acts 12:1, “Now about that time…” It is referring to the time of the Passover. Historians tell us it was around 44 A.D.; maybe eight or so years after the death of Stephen. “…Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church,” this is Herod Agrippa the First. The word vex means to crush.

Herod went after the leader of God’s people. The Devil is always working to destroy God’s leaders, but God worked in a miraculous way in Peter’s life to deliver him from Herod’s hands. If you trace this miracle back to its source, you will find people gathered together in the house of a mother who knows how to pray.

Often when we see the amazing things that God has done for us and for those that we love collectively in our churches, we do not think like we should think. Behind every great work of God in the local church, someone is praying and calling on God. God is moving and working in a mighty way.

Men are preaching the gospel as a result of their mother’s prayers. Families that could have broken apart are staying together as a result of mother’s prayers. Children are surrendering to serve the Lord Jesus and giving their lives to do God’s will, not because of some great opportunity available, but because some mother is praying for that very thing. Are you a praying mother? May God help us to place the emphasis where God places the emphasis in this matter of prayer.

One thought on “A Mother’s Prayer

  1. May Spiers says:

    My mother is in glory for over 32 years but her godly influence lives on in my life and unconsciously shapes the decisions I make every day. I bless the Lord for a praying mother who had that meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of the Lord of great price!

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