Door of Hope

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

Hosea delivered the Lord’s message to the northern kingdom. Through the heartbreak of his own marriage, he comes to understand Israel’s sin against God. Hosea preaches the message of God’s great love and our responsibility.

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1.  God’s Message Through Hosea (Hosea 1:1-11)

2.  Door of Hope (Hosea 2:1-23)

3.  God’s Redeeming Love (Hosea 3:1-5)

4.  Ephraim Is Joined to Idols (Hosea 4:1-19)

5.  In Their Affliction Will They See… (Hosea 5:1-15)

6.  Murder by Consent (Hosea 6:1-11)

7.  Unaware (Hosea 7:1-16)

8.  They Have Sown the Wind, and They… (Hosea 8:1-14)

9.  Wanderers Among the Nations (Hosea 9:1-17)

10.  An Empty Vine (Hosea 10:1-15)

11.  I Loved Him (Hosea 11:1-12)

12.  Feeding on the Wind (Hosea 12:1-14)

13.  The Death and Rebirth of a Nation (Hosea 13:1-14:9)

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