Earnestly Contending for the Faith

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

Something out of the ordinary is taking place in our world.
We are living in an age of apostasy.
Jude helps us understand how to live in these last days before Christ comes again.

1.  Sanctified by God the Father (Jude 1)

2.  Mercy (Jude 2)

3.  Earnestly Contend for the Faith (Jude 3)

4.  Set Forth for an Example (Jude 7)

5.  These Filthy Dreamers (Jude 8)

6.  The Lord Rebuke Thee (Jude 9)

7.  Brute Beasts (Jude 10)

8.  The Blackness of Darkness Forever (Jude 13)

9.  The Lord Is Coming (Jude 14)

10.  They Do Not Have the Holy Spirit (Jude 19)

11.  Living Right in a Wrong World (Jude 20)

12.  Have Compassion Making a Difference (Jude 22)

13.  He Is Able (Jude 24)

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