The Life of David – Volume II

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

We continue with David on his journey to the throne. I remind you that David never lifted a finger to become the king of Israel.

God moved heaven and earth to place a man with a heart for Him on the throne of His chosen people.

David’s story is one of adventure, courage, and faith in God.

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1.  The Enemy Wants Both of Us (I Samuel 22:22-23)

2.  Ask the Lord (I Samuel 23:1-2)

3.  He Strengthened His Hand in God (I Samuel 23:16)

4.  A Messenger Came (I Samuel 23:27)

5.  Chasing Fleas (I Samuel 24:14)

6.  When God’s Man is Gone (I Samuel 25:1)

7.  Our Day of Death (I Samuel 26:10)

8.  The Sadness of Unbelief (I Samuel 27:1)

9.  The Lord Would Not Answer (I Samuel 28:6)

10.  The Path of Disobedience (I Samuel 28:15)

11.  They Remembered David’s Song (I Samuel 29:5)

12.  The Road to Jerusalem Leads Throu… (I Samuel 30:6)

13.  Stripping the Slain (I Samuel 31:8-9)

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