Unto the Furtherance of the Gospel

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

The purpose of this book is to rally people around the truth of God and, as friends, to labor together to evangelize the world.
Baptist Friends agree on the truth of God and have a passion to obey the Lord Jesus in the work of world evangelism.
Laboring together as loyal friends getting the truth of the gospel to lost people is our calling.

This book sets forth our mission “unto the furtherance of the gospel.”

Read it prayerfully. Pass it on to others!

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1.  The True God

2.  Thy Word Is Truth

3.  The Spirit of Truth and the Spiri…

4.  Speaking the Truth in Love

5.  The Gift of Friendship

6.  Let There Be No Strife I Pray Thee

7.  An Example of Friendship

8.  Developing Friendships

9.  Jesus Christ is the Son of God

10.  The Great Commission

11.  Salvation Unto the Ends of the Earth

12.  Fellowhelpers to the Truth

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