We Have Passed from Death Unto Life

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

The book of I John is written to believers. Eternal life is a present possession of every child of God. Those of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour have truly “passed from death unto life.”

This book is designed to be used with a study guide, enabling the believer to come face to face with the evidences of eternal life.

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1. The Word of Life (I John 5:13)
2. God Is Light (I John 1:5)
3. We Have an Advocate (I John 2:1-2)
4. We Know Him (I John 2:3-6)
5. The True Light Now Shineth (I John 2:7-11)
6.Knowing God  (I John 2:12-14)
7. We Have an Unction From the Holy One  (I John 2:18-28)
8. The Children of God and the Children of the Devil
(I John 3:1-11)
9. We Have Passed From Death Unto Life 
(I John 3:11-24)
10. The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error 
(I John 4:1-6)
11. Perfect Love (I John 4:7-21)
12.The Witness of God is Greater 
(I John 5:1-12)
13. The True God 
(I John 5:13-21)
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