We Have Passed from Death Unto Life

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

Begin the Christian Home Crusade in your heart and home.
Determine to obey the Lord in every area of your life and family.
Also to live a life founded on biblical Christianity and labor together with others in your church.

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1. The Word of Life (I John 5:13)
2. God Is Light (I John 1:5)
3. We Have an Advocate (I John 2:1-2)
4. We Know Him (I John 2:3-6)
5. The True Light Now Shineth (I John 2:7-11)
6.Knowing God  (I John 2:12-14)
7. We Have an Unction From the Holy One  (I John 2:18-28)
8. The Children of God and the Child… (I John 3:1-11)
9. We Have Passed From Death Unto Life 
(I John 3:11-24)
10. The Spirit of Truth and the Spiri… 
(I John 4:1-6)
11. Perfect Love (I John 4:7-21)
12.The Witness of God is Greater 
(I John 5:1-12)
13. The True God 
(I John 5:13-21)
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