The Family of Like Precious Faith

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

Believers often forget that they are part of a real family, though it is far different from the one into which they were physically born.
It is a family that has “obtained like precious faith.”
This precious faith is centered in Christ Jesus.
Peter’s theme throughout this second letter, is to show us the distinctive marks of this family of faith.

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1.  This Is a Family of Like Precious… (II Peter 1:1)

2.  This Family Adds to Their Faith (II Peter 1:5-7)

3.  This Family Possesses These Things (II Peter 1:8)

4.  This Family Knows God’s Beloved Son (II Peter 1:16)

5.  This Family Obeys the Scriptures (II Peter 1:19)

6.  This Family Heeds God’s Warning (II Peter 2:1)

7.  This Family Has an Unsparing God (II Peter 2:6)

8.  This Family Can Be Vexed (II Peter 2:7)

9.  This Family Knows There Is a Day … (II Peter 2:9)

10.  This Family Witnesses Darkness In… (II Peter 2:13)

11.  This Family Follows the Right Way (II Peter 2:15)

12.  This Family is Stirred Up (II Peter 3:1)

13.  This Family Should Be Found Faithful (II Peter 3:14)

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