Strengthen Thy Brethren – Volume 2

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

The apostle Peter’s first epistle was written to people who knew the Lord and yet were suffering greatly.
Suffering is so often the element that enters our lives and brings us to recognize how desperately we need the Lord.

1.  The Shepherd and Bishop of Your S… (I Peter 2:24)

2.  The Wife Who Wins (I Peter 3:4)

3.  The Connection Between Home and H… (I Peter 3:7)

4.  For All Those Who Love Life (I Peter 3:10-11)

5.  Be Ready (I Peter 3:15)

6.  The Just for the Unjust (I Peter 3:18)

7.  The Will of God (I Peter 4:1)

8.  Above All Things (I Peter 4:8)

9.  Giving Living (I Peter 4:11)

10.  The Fiery Trial Is Not Strange (I Peter 4:14)

11.  The Pastor (I Peter 5:3-4)

12.  The People (I Peter 5:6-7)

13.  As a Christian (I Peter 4:16)

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