Secrets of the Heart

By Dr. Clarence Sexton

One of the easiest things to do is to talk of what is wrong with everyone else.
However, the psalmist cries out, ‘Help me, it is not another man who is failing and living deceitfully; I am that man. Help me.”

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1.  Help Me (Psalm 38)

2.  That I Sin Not With My Tongue (Psalm 39)

3.  God Thinks of Me (Psalm 40)

4.  Integrity (Psalm 41)

5.  Thirsting for God (Psalm 42)

6.  The God of My Strength (Psalm 43)

7.  Secrets of the Heart (Psalm 44)

8.  Out of the Ivory Palaces (Psalm 45)

9.  The Lord is With Us (Psalm 46)

10.  The King of All the Earth (Psalm 47)

11.  Great Is the Lord (Psalm 48)

12.  God Will Redeem My Soul (Psalm 49)

13.  The Mighty God (Psalm 50)

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