Following Christ and Fishing for Men


A revolution back to the Bible brings us face to face with the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to go into ?all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.? This book moves from the ?why? to the ?how? of personal evangelism. We must not begin by speaking with people about attending church; we must confront them with the claims of Christ and tell them how He will change their lives. This book asks the question: ?How can we ever expect to evangelize the world without engaging in aggressive personal evangelism??

A beautiful full-length Bible study book is published for each thirteen-week series. After reading and marking the Scripture passages which correspond to the lesson, the teacher will read the Bible lesson that corresponds with the lesson the Sunday School class is studying. As they read, students should mark key statements or paragraphs to review later. Class members may also desire to obtain this book for further reading.

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