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Faithful Men

A Call to Christian Manhood

This is not a little book of ideas or suggestions for men.

It is a radical call to Christian manhood.
We have lived to see changes in our courts and classrooms that have provided the groundwork for moral decline and sexual anarchy. It is time for you to live the truth and speak the truth as a faithful man. Pastor Clarence Sexton calls the men of our nation to stand up for the truth. It is his firm conviction that everything begins with God. As we realize the faithfulness of God in our lives we must respond by being faithful to God. Dr. Sexton also shares the metaphors; precepts; and living examples given throughout the Old and New Testament that show us what God expects from the faithful man. Valiant men have come before us and paid a great price so that we could live in this free country and enjoy the bounty we enjoy. We have something to fight for. This is our moment. Be a valiant; faithful man. May this book help you recognize the heritage we have been given; and engage in passing that heritage on to the next generation.

Does God Hear And Answer Prayer?

Prayer begins with God.?The only way to have victory is to pray in faith.?Though we profess to know the Lord Jesus as our Saviour, we really have no Christian life without the Bible and prayer; we only exist. As we exalt His name and think?on?His greatness, we are encouraged to pray.

Our Heavenly Father has everything we need. His Son Jesus Christ is interceding for us at His right hand. We cannot separate prayer from our Christian lives.