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Following Christ and Fishing for Men

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It is the responsibility of every Christian to go in the power of the Holy Spirit to the lost, give the a clear presentation of the gospel, and bring them to the place of receiving or rejecting Christ as their personal Saviour.

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Independent Baptist Friends International

Visit - discover Independent Baptist churches and resources dedicated to world evangelism in our generation.

Live-Streamed & Television Broadcasts

Join us for the live and archived services of Temple Baptist Church and the chapel services of Crown College.

Mt. Moriah Christian Camp

Take the high road to powerful Bible preaching and high adventure! Join us this summer. Reserve your place now!

The Way of Salvation

Listen or download a clear presentation of the gospel in any of a dozen languages spoken by millions.

The Crown College

Crown College is training men and women to follow the Lord, providing a Christ-centered depth and breadth to education.

Independent Baptist Friends International

This meeting will provide encouragement, inspiration, and a basis from which the work of world evangelism can be furthered.

Pillar and Ground of the Truth

These proven, trustworthy materials will help every Sunday School built upon the faithful teaching of the Bible.

Crown Seminary

Philosophy as well as methodology must come from Biblical theology. We desire to be obedient to God - true to His Word.

Truths Every Christian Needs Know

The Lord has designed the Christian life in such a way that we can live in victory each day. 

The Ministry of Lee Roberson

Dr. Roberson served as the pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee for over 40 years.

Tools for Bible Study

The issues of life must be answered from the Bible, the only sure foundation. These tools will aid your study.

Temple Baptist Church

Our prayer is for people to know Christ as Savior and become involved in a Bible-believing church that cares for them.

Brave Boys and Girls

Childhood days pass so quickly. We must seize every opportunity to influence our children to know and live for Christ.

Teens for Christ

It is no accident that you live in this present hour; this is the time God chose for you. You have a heavenly assignment.

Millions can be reached for Christ using a variety of Internet services designed for churches and Christian ministries.