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Expressions of Love

Love the more excellent way!

Study the fifteen expressions of love given to us in I Corinthians 13, and discover the joy that comes from seeing this love produced in your life!

small paperback book, 104 page
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Discipleship – The Miracle of Multiplication

Hardback Book, 155 pages

Experience the joy of going on the world’s greatest journey: the intentional pursuit of Jesus Christ. We have one life. A life lived for Jesus Christ will have meaning and purpose not just for time, but also for eternity. Nothing less than this deliberate pursuit is adequate to satisfy the deep desires of the human soul or the desperate needs of our world.

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The Treasures Of Darkness

The Treasures of Darkness

Paperback, 185 pages

“You will never know that Christ is all you need, until you find that He is all you have.” – Vance Havner

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A Christmas Message From Heaven

Paperback Book, 90 pages

Large print, clean design, and simple prose make this short study of Christ’s birth easy to digest for Christians of all ages and backgrounds. Let the Lord use this book to encourage you in your walk with Him this Christmas season!

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The Gift Of Friendship

Small Hardback Edition, 98 pages

Friendship is a gift from God. It began with God as He came to be the sinner’s friend. Trust is the first requirement for making a friend. We must be willing to give ourselves freely. Faithfulness is required in keeping a friend. The way to have a friend is to be a friend.

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