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Our God And His Children – Teacher’s Pack

Our God and His Children

The Teacher’s Packet : full-length book, the Teacher’s Guide, and a Study Guide

Dr. Sexton examines the psalms and their direct effect on our individual relationship with God. He challenges each reader to have a deep and abiding walk with the God of the Bible.

Our God And His Children

Full Length Book

Our God and His Children

This book provides the main body of content for this volume in Dr. Sexton’s series through the Psalms. It is an excellent resource for home Bible studies, Sunday School, and personal study.

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What Is The Glory Of Children?

What Is the Glory of Children; Solid Answer Series; twelve-page paperback booklet

Every father should be a man who follows the Lord Jesus Christ. We live in a world with millions of children who find no glory in their fathers because their fathers are not the men the Lord desires them to be. This booklet outlines how fathers can be the glory of their children by following God’s design.

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Pastor’s Book List

There is no book like the Bible. There is no substitute for the Bible, but many helpful things have been found from other authors. Books become a preacher’s tools. The following is a list of books and authors that can be of help to you. This list makes no claim to be complete.  The inclusion […]