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The Way Back To God – Teacher’s Pack

Teacher’s Pack: Full Length book, teacher’s notes in a small 3-ring binder, and a study guide

Psalm 51 is about David’s journey back to God. The reader travels with David from his fall to his restoration. This story will be of deep interest to all who know the Lord because it warns of the consequences of sin and shows how God forgives those who have fallen. King David’s sin is not recorded in God’s Word to place it on public display but to provide for all time and for all people a way back to God. David’s heart cry in Psalm 51 is the sinner’s guide back to God.

Our God And His Children – Teacher’s Pack

Our God and His Children

The Teacher’s Packet : full-length book, the Teacher’s Guide, and a Study Guide

Dr. Sexton examines the psalms and their direct effect on our individual relationship with God. He challenges each reader to have a deep and abiding walk with the God of the Bible.

The Stewardship Of Life, Our Response To God

The Stewardship of Life; Our Response to God; Full Length Book

This series by Dr. Clarence Sexton brings the believer face to face with their response to God. God is always previous. The stewardship of life is our response to God.

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