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It is no accident that you and I live in this present hour; this is the time God chose for us. We have a heavenly assignment. God knew when you and I would be alive and when we would have the opportunity to serve Him. He knew when and how we would be equipped to do the things He has for us to do. All of this is in God's plan for our lives. 


The only sure foundation for life is the Word of God.  I am praying that the solid answers found in the Bible-based resources on these pages will be used of God to strengthen your faith. Determine as you read and listen to obey the Lord as He speaks to your heart.


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Pastor Clarence Sexton
Pastor Clarence Sexton
Acts 5:42


The Solid Answers Series

The Bible is the only sure foundation for life. What does the Bible have to say about the issues you face each day?



Truths for Teens

These Bible messages will encourage young people to become true followers of Christ in every area of life.




Youth Congress 2010

Many of history's greatest revivals began when young people led the way by yielding themselves wholly to Christ.




The Crown College

Training young men and women to follow the Lord, providing a Christ-centered depth and breadth to education.


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Mt. Moriah Camp

Take the high road to powerful Bible preaching and high adventure! Join us this summer. Reserve your place now!


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Tools for Bible Study

Approach the Bible with faith and prayer. God will make His Word known to those who are willing to obey.



Teens for Christ

Teens for Christ is a school Bible club ministry that strives to establish a Christian presnce on middle and high school campuses and other youth-related institutions.



The Pastors' College

Pastors, spend this week with Clarence Sexton and the staff of Temple Baptist Church and Crown College.

Mt. Moriah Christian Camp

Take the high road to powerful Bible preaching and high adventure by joining us this coming summer.

Podcast & Live Streaming

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Independent Baptist Friends

This meeting will provide encouragement, inspiration, and a basis from which the work of world evangelism can be furthered.

Pillar and Ground of the Truth

These materials will be an asset to any Sunday School built upon the uninterrupted teaching of the Bible.

Bible Messages

We desperately need a revival of preaching the Word of God. Here are powerful Bible messages on subjects vital to Christian people.