Teens for ChristTeens for Christ

A Bible Club Ministry to Schools

Teens for Christ is a school Bible club ministry which strives to establish a Christian presence on middle and high school campuses, as well as local community centers. Our desire is to give young people a solid foundation upon which they can build their lives.


In Anderson and Knox counties of east Tennessee, there are presently thirty-eight clubs meeting for Bible study and prayer. The Bible club concept has been used in schools and youth centers across the country with thousands of teens and adults participating.  

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This ministry, which began in 1991, has been greatly used of God to bring thousands of young people to Christ.  For further information on how you can be involved in a local club, contact the Teens for Christ office by calling 865.938.8186, and asking for extension 237.


There is an available notebook that will guide any pastor or youth worker who desires to establish local clubs in their public schools.


The following features are part of the Teens for Christ notebook set: 


  1. An introduction to Teens for Christ -  instruction in starting and conducting a Bible Club
  2. Links to websites with information regarding the legal standing of Bible clubs in public schools and other helpful issues.
  3. Letters of Recommendation
  4. Teens for Christ bulletins - including:
    • Lesson covers
    • Student lessons
    • Teacher notes
  5. Resource CD ROM - including: 
    • Membership cards
    • Sample flyer templates   
  6. Bible lesson series - including: 
    • God So Loved the World (4 lessons)
    • Bible Basics For Believers (5 lessons)
    • The Life of David (8 lessons)
    • Lessons for Life - from the book of Ecclesiastes (15 lessons)

(Please note: you will need Microsoft Publisher in order to personalize these resources for your school's club)

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