Solid Answers Series

Is the Bible the Word of God?

All of us believe something. Because of what we believe, we should live a certain way. If we believe the Bible, then we should be living according to the Bible.



Are We Personally Accountable to God?

We live in a day in which people do not like to be held accountable for their actions. The Bible teaches that each one of us is personally accountable to God.




Does Character Count?

Our character, what we truly are, should be marked by integrity. No amount of ability or personality can substitute for integrity. We have a testimony for Christ to guard.




What Does God's Word Say About Liquor?

In this world, standing for the Lord means going against the grain. When we consider what the Lord says about alcohol, we will realize that God's opinion is not the popular of our society.




Is Abortion the Killing of the Unborn?

Abortion is a horrible thing. We must come face to face with what God says about this sin, but we must also deal with how God will forgive, cleanse, and help those who have committed this sin.




What Does God's Word Say About Gay Rights?

God has designed the home to have a husband, a wife, and children. There is nothing like the joy that comes from a beautiful Christian home. Anything which perverts God's plan for the home is not right.




The Pastors' College

Pastors, spend this week with Clarence Sexton and the staff of Temple Baptist Church and Crown College.

Mt. Moriah Christian Camp

Take the high road to powerful Bible preaching and high adventure by joining us this coming summer.

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Independent Baptist Friends

This meeting will provide encouragement, inspiration, and a basis from which the work of world evangelism can be furthered.

Pillar and Ground of the Truth

These materials will be an asset to any Sunday School built upon the uninterrupted teaching of the Bible.

Bible Messages

We desperately need a revival of preaching the Word of God. Here are powerful Bible messages on subjects vital to Christian people.