Lee RobersonThe Life and Ministry of
Dr. Lee Roberson

November 24, 1909 – April 29, 2007

My relationship with Dr. Lee Roberson began over half a century ago. My father began a job with a company that manufactured window blinds in the Chattanooga area, working for a man who was actively serving in the Highland Park Baptist Church. He discovered that my family had moved into the East Lake housing project. There were four children in my family - I was the oldest, my brother, who is now a preacher, and my two younger sisters. He found a man in the church who had a bus route. Bus workers found us in that housing project and brought us to church over fifty years ago.

It was my privilege to serve with Dr. Roberson for five wonderful years. In those days every building was filled to capacity. You could hardly walk in the streets for people crowding you. There was such expectancy in the church services. I heard him preach over 1,000 times and he always preached with such power and the anointing of the Lord.

How long will Lee Roberson live? His life, ministry, and influence will continue to live as long as we stand for what he stood for and taught us. He invested his life wisely, and I want to take the same strong, compassionate, and Biblical stand that he took.

Without a doubt, Lee Roberson was the most Christ-like man I ever knew.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Clarence Sexton
Pastor Clarence Sexton
Acts 5:42


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