Tools for Bible Study

Bible Study Tools

The Bible is the sole authority for all we believe and teach. The Bible declares of itself that it is the Word of God. Jesus Christ taught that every part of the Bible is the Word of God.


Approach the Bible with faith and prayer. God will make His will known to those who are willing to obey.  Our Lord said in John 7:17, "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself."


We are pleased to provide these aids to personal Bible study. More tools will be posted as they become available. Visit the Faith for the Family online bookshop for many trustworthy and proven resources that will encourage your Christian life.

Is the Bible the Word of God?     The Holy Scriptures



Read the Daily Devotional

When we see how God worked in the lives of others, our faith is strengthened to believe He can work in us as we yield our lives to Him. 

Search & Listen
to the Bible

Search the Scriptures by book and chapter or keyword and phrase using this helpful tool. 

Bible Reading Schedules

Increase your faith by systematically reading the Word of God.  

The Pastor's Book List

Dr. Clarence Sexton

There is no substitute for the Bible, but helpful things have been found from many authors. Here is a list of books that can be of help to you.  

The Holy Scriptures

The Holy Scriptures

Dr. Clarence Sexton

We should not look at the world to interpret the Bible; we should search the Scriptures to interpret what is going on in the world.


Audio Video Book

Get the Most from Your Bible

How to Get the Most from Your Bible

Tim Tomlinson

A practical and yet powerful message that will help every believer who loves God's Word. 


Audio Video

Get the Most from Your Bible

Helping Your Children Get a Grip on the Bible

Dr. Tom Sexton

There is nothing more vital that a parent can do than to help their child learn that the only sure answers to life's questions are found in the Word of God. 



The Authority of the Scriptures

Dr. Clarence Sexton

The Bible is the sole authority for all matters of faith and practice in the life of the true follower of Jesus Christ. 


Audio Video Book

The Pastors' College

Pastors, spend this week with Clarence Sexton and the staff of Temple Baptist Church and Crown College.

Mt. Moriah Christian Camp

Take the high road to powerful Bible preaching and high adventure by joining us this coming summer.

Podcast & Live Streaming

Subscribe online and receive an automatic download to your iPod or iTunes device Monday through Friday.

Independent Baptist Friends

This meeting will provide encouragement, inspiration, and a basis from which the work of world evangelism can be furthered.

Pillar and Ground of the Truth

These materials will be an asset to any Sunday School built upon the uninterrupted teaching of the Bible.

Bible Messages

We desperately need a revival of preaching the Word of God. Here are powerful Bible messages on subjects vital to Christian people.