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My dear boys and girls,

There is an old saying that "All the world loves a story." The Bible is the greatest story book ever written for in it may be found stories to suit all tastes.

There are delightful stories of the palace, the king's court, the tent and the great out-of-doors. Many thrilling stories of war and fearless warriors may be found and also those of great building formations and agricultural plans. If one chooses romance, no more beautiful love stories are to be found in literature than in this book which came from the hands of the Almighty GOD.


In writing these stories I have tried to show you how these men and women of the Bible were real folk who lived in real places, had temptations and difficulties such as we have and more than all of how, when they were willing to let Him, GOD used them to carry out His great plans and purposes for this world.


As we read about these characters of olden times let us turn away from their faults, follow their good behaviour and receive wisdom to do large things in GOD's name.



Aunt Hattie





God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into him life so that man became alive and GOD made him in His own image. This man had not only life with a physical body and a mind, but also a spiritual life...


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In all the world God knew only one man that really loved Him and his name was Noah. The Bible tells us that he found grace in the eyes of the Lord and that he was a just man and perfect in his generation...

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There was one man in Ur who longed to know the GOD who had made the moon and the stars. When anyone really wants to know God, then God always makes Himself known to him...

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In those days, parents chose a wife for their son. Because a great nation was to come from his family, Abraham knew it was of great importance for Isaac to have the right girl to be his life companion...

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Jacob and Esau were very different. Jacob was a sly schemer, even though he did understand the things of God. Esau loved to hunt and was a happy-go-lucky fellow, caring for little else than the present moment...

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Jacob had twelve sons; two, Joseph and Benjamin, were the sons of Rachel, his most loved wife, who died on the way to Bethlehem when Benjamin was born. Jacob especially loved Joseph...

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