Stewardship of LifeThe Stewardship of Life Series

Everything we have belongs to Jesus Christ; we are simply stewards of what He has given us. When we bring the tithe, give sacrificially, and trust God by faith, God always proves Himself in our lives. The Lord will open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing upon us.

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The Pastors' College

Pastors, spend this week with Clarence Sexton and the staff of Temple Baptist Church and Crown College.

Podcast & Live Streaming

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The Way of Salvation

Listen or download a clear presentation of the gospel message in any of a dozen languages spoken by billions around the world.


Independent Baptist Friends

This meeting will provide encouragement, inspiration, and a basis from which the work of world evangelism can be furthered.

Pillar and Ground of the Truth

These materials will be an asset to any Sunday School built upon the uninterrupted teaching of the Bible.

Bible Study Tools

The issues of life must be answered from the Bible, the only sure foundation. These tools will aid you in studying God's Word.